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Our Value Proposition

With over 25 years of Industry and Technology experience, MiComp Solutions, Inc. provides configurable capabilities to effectively manage all facets of your distribution channels, including: Compliance, On-boarding, Management, Calculation and Payment of Commission & Bonus and an array of administrative support tools & Reporting. Our client partnerships allow for the peace of mind knowing that the business is fully compliant, managed efficiently and payments are accurate. Our state of the art analytics support your business planning strategies to effectively grow your business.

Achieve Full Compliance for All Products
Accuracy of Payments and Mitigation of Risks
Measure Performance & Effectively Manage Distribution
Real Time Information and Access, Improved Processes & Administrative Savings
Sophisticated Commission and Bonus Management, Calculation & Payment System
Reporting and Predictive Analysis tools to Support Strategic Planning

Distribution Compliance, Onboarding & Management

  • Complete set up of New Distribution Partners
  • Transfer file of Existing Distribution Partners
  • Validation of Current and Ongoing Licensure through system integration with NIPR
  • Validation of E&O Coverage
  • Establish Agency Hierarchy for Contacts and Users
  • Manage all Broker Agreements and Amendments
  • Validation of required Certifications, AHIP, Carrier specific, etc.
  • Manage regular Communications with the Distribution
  • Provide Distribution Analytics

Distribution  Commission & Bonus

  • Assessment of Current Compensation Programs to identify potential Discrepancies
  • Provide Consulting on Existing & Future Compensation Changes
  • Customize Carrier Specific Compensation programs for Commission and Bonus
  • Provide Test Environment for purposes of Testing Changes, Testing Capacity, Testing Accuracy and Modeling for future changes
  • Configure Commission Bonus calculation system with MiComp Payment and Reporting Systems

Administrative Support

  • Compliance- Licensing Reports, Certification Reports, Upcoming License expiration reports, etc.
  • Finance- Commission Paid reports, Bonus Accrual Reports, Cost to Budget Reports, Held Payment, Report, Predictive Analytics model for future changes and budgets, etc.
  • Sales- Variety of Performance Reports, Gap analysis Reports, etc.
  • IT- Q&A Reports, Capacity testing Reports, etc.
  • Leadership- Customized for Specific Leadership Teams
  • Brokers- Production Reports, Book of Business reports, Commission Reports, Illustrative Bonus Reports, Gap Bonus Reports, etc
  • Distribution Communication Tools- Messaging to Distribution, Missing information Reports, Reminders on upcoming Licensing Expiration, etc.

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Key Segments

Health Insurance Companies

Medicare Plans

Life Insurance Companies

Dental Insurance Companies

P&C Insurance Companies

Disability / Long Term Care Plans

Third Party Administrators

Brokerage Agencies/ Consulting Firms

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