Enabling compliance driven onboarding of right distribution channels

Identifying the right distribution channel for your product offerings and onboarding the agencies and brokers, while maintaining all compliance needs, is a time consuming and a rigorous process. For a Health Insurance organization, the process becomes even more complex with all the government mandates and time constraints. Our MiBoarding solution makes it easier for carriers to onboard and manage distribution channels, whether they are for government programs or commercial offerings.

MiBoarding provides –
• Automated process to invite and accept Agencies / Brokers / FMOs, etc.
• Add and maintain distribution information and establish hierarchy
• Complete set-up of New Distribution Partners
• Transfer file of Existing Distribution Partners
• Validation of Current and Ongoing Licensure through system integration with NIPR
• Workflow process to upload, review and approve documents such as Licenses, Certificates, etc.
• Manage all Agreements and Amendments
• Manage regular Communications with the Distribution
• Extensive reporting and decision support processes

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