Empowering business with Intelligence and  Analytics for Market growth

The success of any enterprise system supporting processes is dependent on the ability to connect with disparate systems and provide a string decision support system. MiData is a complete business intelligence suite that not only provides the right business decision support and management reports, but also allows the necessary communication channels to interact with other systems in the enterprise topology of the carrier. 

MiData provides –

  • Compliance- Licensing Reports, Certification Reports, Upcoming License expiration reports, etc.
  • Finance- Commission Paid reports, Bonus Accrual Reports, Cost to Budget Reports, Held Payment, Report, Predictive Analytics model for future changes and budgets, etc.
  • Sales- Variety of Performance Reports, Gap analysis Reports, etc.
  • Brokers- Production Reports, Book of Business reports, Commission Reports, Illustrative Bonus Reports, Gap Bonus Reports, etc.
  • Distribution Communication Tools- Messaging to Distribution, Missing information Reports, Reminders on upcoming Licensing Expiration, etc.
  • Ability to load Member, Plan and Premium information
  • Ability to load existing distribution channel information in bulk
  • Support standard EDI protocols such as 834, 820 etc.
  • Tools to extract information to update other systems
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