Enhancing distribution efficiency through timely and accurate compensation

Managing commission arrangements and rules, and above all, accurate calculation of commission for all approved distribution channels with YTD reconciliation is a very complex process for carriers. In most cases, commission arrangements change every year and this can be quite burdensome for carriers to manage. MiCommission is designed to make necessary changes with minimal administrative effort. The lack of forecasting tools makes it difficult to understand how commission and bonus impacts the business, whether you are tracking budgets, planning and/or measuring program effectiveness.

MiCommission is a comprehensive commission and bonus management product that allows automated reconciliation; and forecasting based on past data using future assumptions.

MiCommision provides:
• Assessment of Current Compensation Programs to identify           
  potential Discrepancies
• Commission consultation to provide forecast and budgeting based
  on past data
• Customize Carrier Specific Compensation programs for
  Commission and Bonus
• A modular rules engine to manage commission / bonus
  arrangements and rules
• On time commission / bonus calculation for each approved
   distribution channel
• Year to date Commission and Bonus reconciliation

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